November 24, 2019

ROVINE | Festive, Fun, and Fruitful: Manifest Expansion This Sagittarius SZN

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November 22 – December 21

@notallgeminis (Instagram)


How did Scorpio season treat you? Did you barely escape the murky waters alive? Or did you jump in, dive deep, and manifest your most powerful transformations yet? Either way, the sun has officially entered Sagittarius, bringing holiday spirit and a fiery energy of warmth and radiance. Mercury has left retrograde and Sag is here to cheer us up — to illuminate our world, no matter the weather outside. Just as Sagittarians teach us to live in the moment and not worry so much about the future, we owe it to ourselves to focus on the magic and brilliance of that new 4:30 p.m. sunset, not the premature darkness that follows.

If Scorpio is the time to be suspicious and skeptical, Sagittarius is our chance to be open and curious. Represented by the Archer and Centaur, Sags are adventurous, optimistic, and lucky, always aiming high and shooting for the stars. This larger-than-life sign is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our cosmos and the one representing all things expansion. The third and final fire sign, Sagittarius is the notorious daredevil and globetrotter of the Zodiac — the ultimate adventure seeker. It’s only fitting that holiday vacation is on the horizon; if you’re able to travel over Thanksgiving or Winter Break, try camping under the stars, connecting with locals in a new city, or fearlessly exploring any uncharted territory. If you’re chilling at home, challenge yourself to question old routines, talk to strangers on the subway, shove an entire ball of wasabi in your mouth, whatever! Sagittarius guides us as we take risky leaps of faith toward our wildest dreams.

On the flip side, Sags can be restless and even reckless in both actions and words. Always eager to chase a new adventure, they may become flaky and thoughtlessly cancel on plans when something more exciting comes up at the last minute. Given the impulsivity in the air, be mindful to slow down and assess the needs of your loved ones to avoid inadvertently hurting them. Similarly, be certain to cautiously evaluate your own needs if you sense that you’re moving a bit faster than usual; while some lucky gambling will pay off, always consider the impact of your actions. Props to Britney Spears (classic Sag) for famously shaving her head in 2007, but do think twice before making major life decisions like changing your major, going into ketosis, or… shaving your head.

On a psychological level, Sagitarrians are truth-seekers, ever in pursuit of enlightenment. Centaurs help us determine the meaning of existence through deep philosophical discourse. This sign pushes us to contemplate points of view that we may have otherwise been too closed-minded to see: to push our limits and expand the mind, body, heart, and soul. The holiday season is, of course, the ultimate time for insightful reflection. Be thoughtful, be grateful, and be hopeful for all that’s to come.

Sagittarius is represented by purple, the color of abundance and good fortune as well as spirituality and enlightenment. Sagittarians are at their best when exploring uncharted territory — whether geographically, philosophically, or anything in between — with a curious mind and an open heart. Drake might be a Scorpio, but if anyone’s ever summed up Sagittarius vibes perfectly, it was him when he declared: YOLO!!!!!!! (With the seasonal Sag addition of at least that many exclamation points.)

@notallgeminis (Instagram)