October 6, 2015

TALK IS CHIC | Adventure is in Your Closet

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ET: Greta and I really enjoy labeling our outfits with outlandish characters, scenarios or personalities.

TIC 1GO: For example, you’re dressed very “Brooklyn mom returning from Southeast Asia travels” today. The frayed and flared denim capris are her signature. You’ve been dressing a lot like her these days, it probably has something to do with your semester in Hong Kong. Regardless, she’s a favorite of mine.

ET: She’s starting to fade just like her memories of her life-changing — questionably, 37-year-old crisis solving — trip as she settles back into her daily routine.

GO: Yeah, not sure she has much cold weather potential to be honest. Pointy-toe, ankle strap flats are great right now, but they don’t transition well to harsher weather.

ET: Well maybe I’ll need to transition to “Park Slope mom returning from Sweden.”

GO: I think that as the semester continues, neither of us are ready to just be Eleni and Greta everyday. Not that I mind being us, but dressing like I’m “sitting front row at Italian Fashion Week right now” is a little bit more exciting. Who said you can’t wear a red silk chiffon dress on Wednesday?

ET: With green snakeskin heeled booties!

GO: I’m actually wearing those today too! Except I don’t think I’m very Italian Fashion Week.

TIC 2ET: You’re definitely “Twenty-something who just discovered that she was Indiana Jones’s love child and loves to flaunt it in her forest green Stetson hat.” One of your most adventurous outfits yet. What’s on the agenda for today?

GO: [laughs] Unfortunately, my day will be nothing like an Indiana Jones movie today, well maybe Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, if you think of studying Econ in the library all day as its own Temple of Doom.

If every time you get dressed in the morning you imagine yourself on another adventure in a new place or maybe as a new person, your expedition to Morrison, or for us Human Ecology, will be semi-bearable. Not to mention you’ll find that your closet will have much more variety and potential than it did before.

This upcoming fall break, Greta and Eleni will be in different countries and on opposite sides of the continent. While we’ll experience major separation anxiety, we’ll be able to cope with knowing that upon reunion, we’ll get to see each other’s newly inspired looks. Greta will probably return dressed like a character from Portlandia and maybe Eleni will finally be able to tackle the Canadian tuxedo. Even if you plan on watching Netflix all break, find your adventure and bring it back like low-rise pants a-la 90’s.

We share a major, we share a house, we share clothes. So why not share a column? Eleni Toubanos and Greta Ohaus are both Fiber Science & Apparel Design majors in the College of Human Ecology. Their column is intended to be a conversation between their two unique perspectives as a designer and fiber scientist. They can be found lounging around campus, on their porch sharing a bottle of wine or at [email protected] and [email protected]. Talk is Chic appears on alternate Tuesdays this semester.