May 3, 2019

EAT SLEEP REPEAT | The Best Places On Campus to Fuel Your Ice Addiction

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Confession time: I am that annoying girl in your math lecture that obnoxiously munches on ice the entire time. But honestly, how could I not? I have math in Klarman G01, and right outside the door is the ice machine at Zeus cafe. Not only can I fill my bottle with unlimited ice, but it’s also objectively the BEST kind of ice — those little pellets with the grooves in them so that when you eat them it feels like you’re eating popcorn.

Ok so, yes, I kind-of sort-of maybe have a problem with ice munching. Although my 50 year old future self will hate me when my feeble teeth start to disintegrate or something (is that how it works?), I have noticed that many other people share my teeth-sharpening habit. Just the other day I was walking to class, cup-of-ice in hand, minding my own business when a passerby stopped me to comment on how good my ice looked, and ask me where I got it from. It was astonishing to me that the best places to get the pellet ice on campus was not common knowledge for other serial ice eaters! So to all you ice aficionados out there, here are the best three places to fuel your addiction.

  1. Zeus Cafe

In the little area of Zeus that is just passed the door that leads to Goldwin Smith Hall is a water and ice machine. It is fairly isolated so that not too many people will see you shoving ice into your water bottle. The best part of this ice, however, is the shape. It is a little bit smaller than your typical pellet shape, so it feels super satisfying on your teeth to bite into!

  1. Goldie’s in the Physical Sciences Building

I am fairly certain that the workers at Goldie’s recognize me because of how often I go there, pick up a cup of ice, and don’t buy anything else. Right in the soda machine is an ice machine with your typical pellet ice. The best part is that they provide you with little cups for water, so you don’t need to have a water bottle on you in order to enjoy! These pellets are a bit bigger than the pellets from Zeus, but still super satisfying and way better than munching on your typical ice cubes.

  1. Trillium

Located in Kennedy Hall, Trillium is another place you can pick up ice to munch on while waiting in a super long line for a quesadilla. It is the exact same ice as in Goldie’s, however since Trillium is more isolated from the rest of Kennedy than Goldie’s is isolated from the Physical Sciences building, you can’t just pick up the ice on your way to class.You have to get it when you actually go to Trillium for lunch or dinner. Don’t get me wrong — still great ice, just a little inconvenient of a location.

Now I give you this information with a warning: ice eating has absolutely no benefits and can actually only harm you in the long run. Not only is it a symptom of anemia (iron deficiency), it can cause microfractures in your teeth. Moreover, some individuals find the sound of ice chewing extremely annoying: Shoutout to the person in my math lecture that airdropped me this lovely message. You did not go unnoticed.


But if you don’t care about what the haters say, don’t feel the need to worry about your dental issues, and are trying to ignore the fact that you’ve been anemic for two years like me, I wish you the best of luck in your ice eating endeavors. Munch away!