November 21, 2019

HEALTHNUT | Guide To Cornell’s Fitness Classes

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What many people don’t know is that having access to Cornell’s fitness centers also means having access to an array of group fitness classes – not just taught by elderly and overweight ex-PE teachers, but also your overly enthusiastic but super strong peers. Luckily, these classes span gyms across campus and boast tons of time slots – perfect for your 7 am Yoga or 7 pm HIIT.

So if the freshman fifteen is hitting you hard, here are some of my favorite of Cornell’s Group Fitness Classes to get you started:


Functional fitness using plyo box jumps, core bags, slam balls and more makes POWER H.I.I.T. the new Barry’s Bootcamp. Offered both weekdays and weekends, this workout is the perfect sweat sesh. maxresdefault

Score: 9/10

Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at Appel Commons

CU Row (shockwave):

It combines circuit training and water rowers to make you feel like you’re actually on the water. The circuit contains 8 stations: 6 strength exercises on the floor, and 2 cardio bursts on the water rower. With the rower as your timer, this workout builds muscle AND teamwork. 

Score: 10/10

Times: Monday-Friday at Appel Commons 

Trx circuit: 10/10

It uses 50 second dynamic intervals on the TRX Suspension Trainer to make your muscles quiver as you strengthen and tone your whole body. By isolating specific muscle groups, you gain lean muscle mass and improve balance. This is the perfect opportunity to work all those hidden muscles that aren’t sufficiently targeted by squats and jumping jacks alone. 


Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at Helen Newman Hall

Abs+ /Core & More:

It is the perfect low impact, high intensity core conditioning that fires up your abdominals. Light weights and resistance bands add an extra challenge to your upper and lower body muscles. Don’t laugh too hard the next day!image (2)

Score: 8/10

Times: Abs+ is Wednesdays at Helen Newman Hall

Core & More: Wednesdays and Sundays at Noyes Multipurpose Room


You can access the full schedule here: