September 25, 2019

ROVINE | Libra Season: Time to Find Balance, Beauty, and Love

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Every September 23rd, we say farewell to Virgo season. We express our gratitude to the ever-so orderly and rule-abiding Virgin for getting us back on track after that wild Leo end of the summer 🙂 Alas, Virgo brought us back down to Earth- and back to the library. If you’re already feeling burnt out from the stress of September, you are not alone! Rest assured, a calming and pleasant air sign has swept in with its cool breeze and abundance of balance and beauty to soothe the scaries. Read on to make the most of the exquisite energy in the air, regardless of your own star sign…


The sun has officially entered Libra, an intelligent air sign represented by the Scales of Justice and all things balance, fairness, and harmony. Libras excel at seeing all points of view objectively, crafting thoughtful compromises or offering persuasive arguments in favor of any side, and overall, restoring equilibrium in all aspects of life. This sign is excellent at reading body language, social cues, and RED FLAGS, easily intuiting who’s a real one and who’s a big fat liar. Libras are at their best when helping others navigate interpersonal relationships and can teach us all to determine right and wrong and always demand justice accordingly. If you’re often stubborn or highly opinionated, allow the shifting scales of the season to open you up to new perspectives you may not have otherwise considered. 


Interestingly enough, Libras are notoriously indecisive on matters of the self due to this inclination to consider all perspectives. During this time, we may find it more challenging than usual to take big leaps of faith or make life-altering decisions. Embrace this energy by analyzing all costs with the enhanced mental clarity Libra brings, but also trust your intuition if an opportunity presents itself that feels right. This could be in regards to the job offer you’ve yet to accept in hopes of finding a better one, or even that toxic friendship you’ve wanted to terminate since freshman year but haven’t had the guts. So: trust that good is good enough. Consider the scales, make a decision, and roll with it. Don’t be wishy-washy!


@imlivinlalibraloca on Instagram

@imlivinlalibraloca on Instagram


Libras often become power trippy or arrogant with their unique intellectual abilities. Since we all may feel more astute than usual these days, don’t get too cocky. You still need to hit the books no matter how smart you are, and please don’t be that asshole who throws your A in my face as you tell me all about how you “don’t even remember what it feels like to open a book.” Wow, you’re so cool!


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libras are charming, attractive, and pleasant- arguably the most likable sign of all! Their energy shows us the value of social graces and personal style. Libras are also the social butterflies and notorious “people pleasers” of the zodiac; as such, they always maintain an airy lightness in their step, shifting demeanor accordingly in pursuit of attracting all sorts of people and actively growing their networks as wide as possible. Why, hello recruitment season! Bring out your trendiest business professional attire and your irresistible charm – as well as some minimal qualifications – to nail those interviews, establish high-power contacts in your industry, and secure the job of your dreams!


Libras excel in careers that revolve around persuading others to fall in love with them and everything they stand for, often for no apparent reason. Hint hint: lawyers, politicians, and Kardashians! Johnnie Cochran, Judge Judy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, and Kim Kardashian-West? All Libras. (Shoutout to KKW, the most archetypal Libra there ever was, for earning that law degree all while ~balancing~ business, family, and fun! Wow!) As per the planetary influence of Venus, Libras often pursue careers in the arts as well. We may all feel inclined to take a page from Kim’s book and explore the latest trends in fashion, art, and beauty, but don’t get too ~influenced~ by her dangerous appetite-suppressant lollipops, waist trainers, and red carpet corsets- If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit! **


At this time, we may all feel especially drawn to art in its many forms. This may manifest as a drive to look and feel beautiful, a desire to be surrounded by beauty, or even a calling to create art of your own and add beauty to the world around you. Pro tip: it’s still hot enough to speed walk to class and get told you’re “glowing” all morning when in reality you’re just drenched in sweat from trekking up the hill! Whatever you choose, take that extra moment to sit in the sensory pleasure of each and every experience no matter how mundane some may appear  without getting swept up, up, and away! After all, Libra is an air sign often “up in the clouds,” hopelessly romantic, and quite whimsical. At the end of the day, however, their need for balance wins out over that flair for a healthy dose of drama, and they’ll make practical decisions that maintain equilibrium- taking only calculated risks in the name of love and passion. Be mindful to routinely make time for everything you value; these days, we may all feel easily thrown off when too focused on any one thing.


Ever-so-social Libras owe it to themselves to take some time alone every now and then to contemplate their sense of self; for this sign, personal identity may easily get wrapped up in where they are or who they’re with at any given time. Similarly, Libras have lots of friends but may be less focused on strengthening their deepest and most meaningful bonds due to their jam-packed social calendars. As the pressure kicks up and we all find ourselves fixating on the most “prestigious” summer internships or the “coolest” social events on the G-Cal, we must evaluate our truest desires regardless of any expectations or norms; only then can we intimately understand and honor the vital pieces of who we are that remain true regardless of who’s watching. So, network as you wish, but always remember to make time for those you love and value most. 


Credit: @thatonelibrabitch on Instagram

Credit: @thatonelibrabitch on Instagram


Libra season invites us all to consider life through every lens possible and consider all the evidence before drawing any conclusions. As the semester goes on and we all get busier and busier, think critically about your priorities. Indeed, explore every chance to attend new info sessions, career fairs, and mixers, but don’t say yes to everything in the end. Commit to the few standout opportunities that will truly illuminate your life. Always make time for those who raise you up, and don’t waste precious energy on anything – or anyone – that brings you down. Take this time to reflect on your past; process old wounds from a further removed and more objective perspective than you ever have before. Make strategic decisions in support of a prosperous future that’s in alignment with your long-term goals and deepest values. Most importantly, cultivate mindfulness, intention, and peace so that the present can be the only moment you even care about at all. At the end of the day, you know yourself best. Make intentional decisions to support your own journey as you keep those scales balanced all through fall. Be moral and righteous in everything you do, and good things will come your way. All is fair in love and war? Not just yet! Hold off on that one ‘til Scorpio season… coming soon, folks…



** If you don’t get the legendary ‘90s pop culture reference, educate yourself ASAP:

The real one (1995): 

SNL (2017):