October 5, 2015

THE DAPPER MAN | Better Boots

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Winters on the hill can be notoriously tough. For new students especially, the frigid temperatures and blankets of snow can come as quite a surprise. Fortunately, with a little planning, Ithaca winters can be conquered without the headache. One of the best purchases to consider in anticipation of this year’s frigid season is a solid pair of boots.

As it is with all things fashion, some boots will look “better” than others depending on the outfit. The following boots provide the necessary warmth and utility that should be expected for a trek up Libe Slope while preserving versatility to complement your outfits throughout the entire season.

Bean Boot – Gore-tex/Thinsulate, L.L. Bean, $189

Of course. For those of you who are new to campus, these bad boys come out the moment temperatures dip below the 50s. While stereotypically the favorite of any Choate or Exeter man worth his salt, Bean Boots have been the go-to option for Cornellians in recent years. While there are some varieties available in different heights and without additional features like Gore-tex and Thinsulate, I would highly recommend the 8” boot with the aforementioned features. However, the major caveat that accompanies these boots is the harsh waiting period if ordered online, as a backordered product can sometimes take months to ship. Look into other models on L.L. Bean’s website as well; virtually anything you come across will hold up well and will be worth the investment.

1964 Pac T, Sorel, $140

A favorite amongst Canadian crowds, Sorel’s 1964 offers not only a similar look to the Bean Boot but also comparable levels of warmth and waterproofness. As can be verified by many on Reddit’s r/malefashionadvice, these boots are built to withstand the harsh conditions and temperatures of a Northern winter. Give these a look if you are looking for a more cost-effective investment that is guaranteed to keep you happy. Keep an eye out for deals on these boots as well, as Amazon lists some of their stock as low at $119.

Canuck, Kamik, $95

If you are looking for a very reasonably priced boot that will get the job done, look no further than the Canuck from Kamik. Currently available from Amazon for a shred above $80, these boots will have you ready for the Ithaca winter. With a no-fuss, simple black design, these boots will be versatile enough during the season without breaking the bank.

Additional Options

While the brands listed above are some time-tested favorites, if you are looking for a more specific style of boot or have a bit more money to play around with, brands like Chippewa, Red Wing and Timberland have some great options available as well. These boots tend to be more in the realm of work wear, but might be less clunky. Incidentally, if you are looking for more of a fall boot that will be more fashion-forward, these brands have great options. For the seriously frugal, check out Golden Fox or Thorogood.

Finally, as a word of caution, don’t forget about socks. A nice pair of wool socks will save your feet on those especially cold days, so make sure to pick up a few pairs of Darn Tough or Smartwool before the temperatures dip below freezing.

Jeffrey Breuer is a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences. When he isn’t worrying about what he’ll be wearing tomorrow, Jeffrey can be found cheering on the Big Red at Lynah Rink or digging through books about Cornell’s history for interesting facts to annoy his friends with. The Dapper Man appears on alternate Mondays this semester. Jeffrey can be reached at [email protected].