October 30, 2015

AUDACIOUS | How to Ithaca: A Californian’s Guide to Winter

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So October 18th on Sunday morning I wake up, put on a nice sweat shirt and mosey outside and all of sudden…


Why is there cocaine coming out from the sky?


On a side note, October 18th was the day, ladies and gentlemen, that I first saw snow coming out from the sky. I have seen snow on the ground from occasional family vacations to the snowy parts of our country, but never have I seen it sprinkle Rice Krispies from the sky.

If you are from somewhere like my home, the lowest you have seen the thermometer go is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I am not kidding. Scarves and beanies are merely cute fall accessories, and we are literally the state to hallmark the beautiful PR campaign that is Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Sweater Weather. Here it’s more like layered blizzard weather. But, if you want to make the most out of your winter as a native Cali kid, you have to really enjoy the winter here.

Tip #1: If it’s snowing, don’t wear gloves. You want your fingers to become icicles, because icicles are beautiful and it’s totally a great Instagram moment for you to document to all your West Coast friends.

#caligirl #eastcoast #icicles #beautiful

Tip #2: I was kidding about tip one. I thought sarcasm would be a great way to ease your concerns, but it’s about to get grim real soon. So Tip #2: Laugh at Tip #1, loosen up, be positive and take notes. Please.

Tip #3: Before you leave, wear a flannel shirt underneath and then a sweater. Bring an extra jacket in case, because after you are struck with the blistering cold, you will get sweaty real soon, so you need to be able to shed some layers once you get indoors.


Tip #5: Buy a huge thing of Vaseline. I am so serious. You will dry up like prune, and if you are of a darker skin tone like I am, this does not look pretty. Ashy city, man.


If all else fails, we can convene in our Californian corner and sunshine and make each other warm in a nice circle. We comfort each other with the prospect that this winter is ephemeral, we don’t live in Ithaca and we can go back home to amazing weather, beautiful beaches.

Winter is coming my friends. And it’s not all sunshine and Cali beaches.

Good luck, my fellow Californians, and STAY WARM.

All gifs courtesy of giphy.com.

Sutheshna Mani is a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She was born in the snowy city of Baltimore, Maryland, and then her parents moved all the way to sunny San Diego when she was four (thank goodness for that). She loves to sing, dance, write and act; you will always hear her singing a tune. She is also a socially consciousness sleep-a-holic so that’s why you never see her smile: because she is either tired or impassioned. In her spare time she likes to stress about inane things and eat a lot of cookies. Audacious appears on alternate Fridays this semester. Sutheshna can be reached at [email protected].