February 29, 2016

STUDY BREAK | The Big Picture

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I’m all about appreciating the small things in life. The conversations. The mental pictures. The seemingly insignificant experiences that we’ll remember forever (Can you tell I’m sentimental?).

But there are other “small” things in life that I must admit get more attention than they probably should. In fact, I’m realizing lately that my mind is usually most consumed by these types of things: school-related tasks, meetings, household responsibilities, etc. Even sticking to a normal, daily routine can take up most of our thoughts and energy, can’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, those are obviously all important things that shouldn’t be disregarded. But for me, the act of doing those things isn’t the problem; it’s how much I let them consume my mind and my life. I find myself focusing so much on those particular ins and outs of everyday life that I rarely stop to think about the why behind what I do. The bigger picture. The things that actually matter at the end of day.

Some daily quiet time before bed could definitely help. As a part of my “night routine,” I think I’m going to start a new practice – spending a few minutes to just reflect on those big things, maybe while brushing my teeth. I want to more often look in the mirror and ask myself:

How can I help others more? What am I actively doing to make that happen?
How can I better the relationships in my life, and build new ones that I want?
Am I making sure to take care of myself – body and soul?
Am I allowing time for the things that I love? How am I actively pursuing those things?

Maybe that means stopping to make more phone calls. Maybe it means saying “yes” to a social event, even if I’ve had a long day. Maybe it’s as simple as putting my phone away during meals. Whatever those things are, I want to do more of them.

Photo Courtesy of themotivatedtype

Photo Courtesy of themotivatedtype

Joyce Lee is a freshman majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. Born and raised in Hawaii, she loves sunny weather and the color blue. She can be found petting dogs, watching New Girl or enjoying boba at Kung Fu Tea. Study Break appears on alternate Mondays this semester. She can be reached at [email protected].