February 13, 2018

SUNSPOTS | What Are You Most Excited About for the Olympics?

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Jacqueline Quach ’19: The flashy figure skating outfits! Where else can one appreciate such brightly colored, such meticulously designed and bedazzled fashions?

Eunnuri Yi ’20: I’m most excited for all of the nationalism-tinged drama that will inevitably ensue in skating!  I’m not excited about the (also inevitably?) inaccurate and distorted news coverage on Korea, which has already started! 😡 A real quick and should-be obvious fact check: The Olympics are happening in PyeongChang, South Korea — NOT Pyongyang, which is in North Korea.

Griffin Smith-Nichols ’19: I am excited to see Iceland’s 5 athletes sweep the board with the rest of the world’s 2,947. Áfram Ísland!

Yvette Ndlovu ’19: I’m most excited to see the flag-bearer from Tonga. He was the highlight of the last Olympics!

Jeremiah Kim ’19:  I’m excited to see which US athletes will go on the new Wheaties cereal boxes (if that’s still a thing), and more importantly, who won’t make the cut.

Ethan Wu ’21: It’ll be interesting to see how the “Olympic Athletes from Russia” perform. A bunch of Russian athletes were banned for state-sponsored doping, but many of them are still allowed to compete, just not under the Russian flag. Will Russia claim credit for their successes, and who will own their failures?

Christina Xu ’18: I am most excited to craft an ice luge for liquor tiny bobsleds in celebration of Teams USA and Jamaica.

Hunter Moskowitz ’18: There is no better Olympic sport than the halfpipe. Watching someone fling themselves into the air is cool enough, but the spins and turns they perform incomprehensibly defy gravity. How can they be cutting across the night sky, twisting, with no care for the land below them? Sometimes the camera will focus in on their motion and the rest of the world disappears. All you can see is a snowboarder tumbling through the air, as if they were flying. When I watch, half of me wants to vomit. The other half cannot stop staring.

Lev Akabas ’19: I’m looking forward to discovering that a sport I once exclusively made fun of is actually way cooler than I thought. In the 2016 Summer Olympics it was rhythmic gymnastics, which I thought was just a circus act until they did that thing where they all throw the balls up in the air and a different person catches each ball and I was like, “Oh shoot, this is legit as f***.” This Olympics, it could be anything! Except probably not curling (basically just big shuffleboard). And probably not bobsled (basically just a family roller coaster). And probably not biathlon (basically just a random and unnecessary combination of two completely different sports).
Sure, I know there’s more to these sports than meets the eye, but come on — the Summer Olympics are way better than the Winter Olympics.

Sasha Chanko ’19: It’s always a lovely reminder of your own (lack of) time in the gym when you watch beautiful people with toned muscles win medals for being more fit than you.