November 2, 2016

WELCOME TO THE ZOO | 2016 Presidential Election

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With an open mind and two sides of the story, you’re bound to learn something new.

Welcome to the zoo! This is a blog where both the Republican and Democratic viewpoints are represented. The blog is not meant to sway you either way necessarily, just to present both sides of the story. You may not agree with the whole article, but hey, you’re likely to agree with half! The topic this week: The 2016 Presidential Election.

Stance 1

The two-party system is failing us. Many democrats do not want to vote for Hillary and many republicans do not want to vote for Trump. Will people simply follow their party because it is easy, vote off-party, or not vote at all? That will be the deciding factor of this election. I have decided to vote off-party for Gary Johnson. I don’t agree with absolutely everything he stands for (like any candidate), but he is a libertarian and my ideals generally align with his.

People have told me that I am wasting my vote by voting for a third-party candidate. Do I expect Gary Johnson to win? No. But I have researched his stances on the issues and support him over Trump or Hillary. If enough people can get out of the two-party mindset in this 2016 election and vote for a third-party candidate, Americans will see that our country could potentially be more than a binomial system. It may take a few elections for any third party to gain significant momentum, but now is the time for a third party to begin its rise.

You can vote for either Hillary or Trump, but you can’t deny that both have their flaws. We all know that Trump has a foul mouth; it’s all we ever hear. Yet people tend to ignore that Hillary Clinton is a horrible person. Liberals love to push all of her dirt under the rug: Benghazi, a private server, revealing wikileaks, evidence of her paying to incite violence at Trump rallies, etc. Who remembers any of this? Not the liberal media! And certainly not the majority of the country that relies on these sources for content. So if you are voting for Hillary, cut the crap about how Trump is such an atrocious person – they both are! – and be honest. Either admit you just want to elect a female president or seriously talk to me about her policies.

My vote is going to Gary Johnson, a man who considers himself a “classical liberal,” meaning he is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Some of his more liberal views include his pro-choice stance and support of Planned Parenthood, his view that prostitution is safer when it is legal and regulated, and his approach to drugs as a health issue rather than a criminal issue. But Johnson also supports gun ownership rights, believes in a free-market approach to health care, wants to repeal Obamacare, and supports a revenue-neutral FairTax because he understands that the current tax code penalizes productivity and investment –like a conservative.

Regardless of who you vote for in this upcoming election, remember that you are doing your duty as an American citizen and your vote does make a difference. As Plato once said, “one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Conservatively yours,


Stance 2

Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for President of the United States. Not just in this election, but in any election. She is the most qualified and the most prepared. Hillary cares about all Americans regardless of race, gender, religion, or age. She has worked tirelessly her whole life to improve the lives of those in her college, her town, her state and her country.

Working towards a better America, she plansto enact policies that would improve public education, end the school to prison pipeline that targets black youth, reform our immigration and justice systems, mitigate the impacts and causes of climate change and make college affordable. Secretary Clinton’s ideas are concrete and realistic; they are ambitious goals that she can achieve while in office.

Third party candidates are important. Americans are not split into two camps. However, in an election this monumental and volatile, voting third party is a waste. The presidency will go to the Democratic or Republican nominee. My only hope is that it does not land in the wrong hands. A vote for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or a write-in candidate takes a vote away from Hillary.

Clinton’s opponent is a ruthless, sadistic, misogynistic, racist, and small man. He gains power by preying on fear. He is unapologetic, unable to recognize or acknowledge his mistakes. He defends KKK members, targets all immigrants in our country, and brags about sexually assaulting women. He believes that immigrants are “bad hombres” and women are “nasty.” He is uninformed, unprepared and ill-fit to be president of the United States. He does not represent our country.

We need a president whose demeanor fits the position. The Republican candidate angers easily and cannot handle criticism. He will not concede when he loses to Hillary. He has no faith in the American people or our democracy. He is tarnishing the Republican name while questioning the validity of our system. He calls upon violence rather than diplomacy, supporting dictators and striving to liken himself to them.

I want a president who will work with foreign bodies to improve our relations rather than destroy them. She has years of experience handling contentious situations with grace.

I want a president who appreciates the diversity in America. Hillary wants all Americans to be offered the tools they need to succeed and appreciates every culture.

I want a president who sees women as equal to men rather than as sexual objects. Hillary has fought for women’s rights her entire life, leading the way for future young women entering the political sphere, and frankly, the working world.

I want a president who sees the good in this country and wants to strive to make it even better; a president who cherishes her role as President and appreciates its gravity.

I want Hillary Clinton.

I’m With Her,


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Rebecca Saber is a junior government major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She aspires to be Secretary of State, but is willing to settle for Supreme Court Justice. When she is not writing about politics, Rebecca can be found watching TV in her bed or at some musical theater rehearsal. Welcome to the Zoo appears on alternate Wednesdays this semester. If you want to chat, Rebecca can be reached at [email protected].

Katie Barlow is a junior biology major in the College of Arts and Sciences. When not debating politics, she can be found running half marathons, eating mashed potatoes, and teaching tree climbing for COE. Welcome to the Zoo appears on alternate Wednesdays this semester. If you’re up for a chat, Katie can be reached at [email protected].