March 7, 2017

SUNBURSTS | Third Edition

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Every two weeks, the writers at Sunspots churn out some of the most diverse, unique content on the web (or at least on the eduroam wifi). Whether you missed them the first time or feel like reading them for the hundredth time, Sunbursts celebrates the highlights of the Daily Sun’s Blogs section in a nicely packaged selection of articles chosen by the editor, website statistics and the writers themselves. Without further ado, we present the third edition of Sunbursts:

Most Viewed
SERENDIPITY | “Business Club Clutter” by Charlie LiaoCredit: CU Nooz
“With Cornell’s business club exposure, there are consulting club particles, business frat particles, student government rays and business team bursts. Then, when you add granularity to the picture, each broad category can be subdivided into even more…. This needs to stop: we are melting the brains of poor underclassmen by making the entire campus into a business microwave with dozens of different emissions that no one understands.”
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Writer’s Pick (Chosen by Sun Staff)
AKABAS | “24 Moonlit Memes” by Lev Akabas
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 5.17.57 AM copy 4
“In honor of Moonlight‘s win for studio A24, and to thank the movie gods that Moonlight won after La La Land was announced and not the other way around, I created 24 memes to celebrate the occasion.”
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Best of Life (Chosen by Sun Staff)
SAVING FACE | “How to Be Asian American” by Yang Lu
“…that day, watching NigaHiga’s “How To Be Ninja”… I saw a person who was widely viewed and liked in popular culture who I personally could relate to. More than that, seeing the positive reception that Ryan Higa got among my friends, Asian or not, I was able to connect, explore and be proud of my ethnicity. I began to learn how to be Asian American.”
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Best of Politics (Chosen by Sun Staff)
KRAVITZ’S KORNER | “A Better Approach to Education” by Evan Kravitz
“President Donald Trump is arguably the most controversial and polarizing figure in politics today. Take Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. She was the first Cabinet-level appointee in U.S. history to require the Vice President to cast a tie-breaking vote during the Senate confirmation. Lost in the mud-slinging confirmation process was a fact-based discussion of Republican ideas about education, particularly compared to those of Democrats.”
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Best of Entertainment (Chosen by Sun Staff)
AKABAS | “24 Moonlit Memes” by Lev Akabas
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Best of Business (Chosen by Sun Staff)
SERENDIPITY | “Business Club Clutter” by Charlie Liao
Club fest
“Succeeding in college business does not require supreme intelligence. Rather, it requires networking and resource access. For some, this does not come easy – you must have a base level of networking skills to gain access to organizations that will teach you how to network more effectively.”
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Most Aesthetically Pleasing Thumbnail (Chosen by Sun Staff)
BLOGS DEPARTMENT | “What Is the Best Way to Eat Peanut Butter?”
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Most Eye-Catching Article Title (Chosen by Sun Staff)
AKABAS | “24 Moonlit Memes” by Lev Akabas
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Editor’s Pick
CULTURALLY SHOOK | “CNN Has a White Savior Complex, and I’m Not Surprised” by Sarah Chekfa
daenerys white savior
“Why is it that, when discussing issues that pertain explicitly to non-Western populations, we must always don the Western point of view? Why can’t we ever allow non-Western individuals to be the focus of these transnational discussions, even when they so rightfully deserve it?”
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And that’s it! Thanks for reading Sunbursts – we’re proud of you for making it this far. Tune in for the next edition of Sunbursts for more thrilling categories, more groundbreaking content and more hyperbolic meta-commentary!