November 5, 2019

The Best “Due Friday” Memes: A Curated Anthology

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In case you live under a rock, or, like some mysteriously sane person, don’t check social media, you might have missed the “Due Friday” memes that went around last week. What a wonderful way for students across the entire university to come together and do what we do best: 1) roast the f*ck out of each other and 2) poke fun at how busy, stressed, and depressed we all are.  See below for my top picks from the notorious “Any Person, Any Meme” Facebook group…

17.memes 17

16.memes 16

15.memes 15

14.memes 14

13.memes 13

12.memes 12

11.memes 11

10.memes 10

9.memes 9

8.memes 8

7.memes 7

6.memes 6

5.memes 4

4. memes 4

3.memes 3

2.memes 2


memes 1