August 28, 2019

FOLLOW THE STARS | Virgo Season Has Arrived – Here’s How It Will Affect You

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Welcome to the first installment of a 12-part series highlighting each Zodiac sign! In my opinion, astrology has fascinating implications that may guide us toward manifesting our greatest, fullest, and highest selves in the sacred time we have on this Earth. The stars may even show us how we can change the world in unique ways that reflect how we shine as individuals. Overall, consider the Zodiac as a framework for uncovering areas of opportunity and special gifts that you may have not yet recognized in yourself.

As I personally mourn the end of my fun, fiery, and ever-so-sparkly Leo season, the sun enters Virgo, a grounding Earth sign ruled by the ever-so orderly and rule-abiding Virgin. This is only fitting as summer comes to a close and a busy new school year begins. Virgo season, which lasts from approximately August 23rd to September 22nd, is truly the time to get your sh*t together. Regardless of your own sun sign, we can all take advantage of the thoughtful, sensible, and practical energy in the air and start the semester off right.

At once perfectionistic and organized as well as deeply kind and caring, Virgo is a mutable sign that inspires us to spring to action and help anyone in need. Virgo is ruled by the messenger planet Mercury, who carried out requests at the command of other gods. During this time, we may feel more inclined to serve others, not to mention eager to check things off our increasingly long to-do lists and remain on top of our obligations. This month, challenge yourself to be the best that you can be at everything you set your mind to, both personally and professionally. Ask the new freshmen faces in your major if they need help finding their classes or if they could use advice on how to stay organized and excel in those core courses. As for you: print and annotate your Syllabi before Day 1 and set tangible, achievable goals to make this your best semester yet- no excuses! Virgos are rock solid and dependable at whatever they commit to, never embarking on a big endeavor unless they are certain it can be achieved with poise and perfection. 

Ruled physically by the stomach, waist, and digestive system, Virgo is the most health-conscious Zodiac sign. Fill up your Trillium salad with plenty of greens and check out GreenStar in Collegetown for lots of gut-health-boosting Kombucha options. My personal favorite on-campus healthy lunch spot would have to be Straight from the Market. Oh, and get back on track with those fitness goals while you’re at it. Noyes is waiting for you! 

This sign is associated with all things brown and especially green, both in the kale smoothie sense and also in terms of taking care of the planet and all of its creatures. At this time, you may feel called to make a difference in the name of sustainability, animal rights, or anything health and wellness. Try volunteering at the Farmer’s Market at Cornell or the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, check out the SPCA Ithaca animal shelter, or try a class at Blackbird Yoga downtown! Immerse yourself in all the beautiful nature that Ithaca has to offer- make a habit out of getting down to the gorges while the weather is so incredible!

Virgos are analytical and observant as well as anxious and self-pitying; as such, they notoriously spot the flaws in others and especially in themselves. They may come across as judgmental, but odds are they just want to help! Channel this energy by improving your attention to detail, being the most reliable person at work or in group projects, and especially by picking up on the beautiful idiosyncrasies about those around you; Virgo season can help us see light where some might see darkness, so be sure to express the beauty you see to those who may not see it themselves.

In hopes of making this new year your best one yet, take advantage of everything Virgo season brings to light: start your day off with a refreshing green smoothie from Mac’s, color coordinate your academic calendar, and show your friends just how much you missed them over the summer through loving acts of kindness. Now is a better time than ever to cultivate routines that will set you up for success and last all semester- it might be a long one…