BIRD & human | 1

[This is the first installation of the comic series BIRD & human. Enjoy.]

In an effort to escape running into a recent ex, Bird takes a detour across campus.  


XYLYLS | The Privilege of Loss

I try to catalogue everything that happens, maybe to the brink of obsession. To that point, I have three pillars on which I rely to retell what is effectively my story: my Google calendar, a five-year Hobonichi, and my bullet journal. I’m obnoxiously type A with my calendar—I record any deviation from schedule, MCAT studying, impromptu kickbacks with friends, working out, journaling, etc. To supplement that, I start every morning by journaling in my Hobonichi. This particular 2019 – 2023 design reserves one spread for each calendar date, five divided rows for each year.