February 8, 2017

SUNBURSTS | First Edition

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Every two weeks, the writers at Sunspots churn out some of the most diverse, unique content on the web (or at least on the eduroam wifi). Whether you missed them the first time or feel like reading them for the hundredth time, Sunbursts celebrates the highlights of the Daily Sun’s Blogs section in a nicely packaged selection of articles chosen by the editor, website statistics and the writers themselves. So without any further ado, we give you the first edition of Sunbursts:

Most Viewed
SAVING FACE | “Lunchtime” by Yang Lu
“Lunch was probably my least favorite part of elementary school.
Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted a break from school as much as everyone else. When asked what my favorite class in school was, I would always cheekily respond with “Recess.” Yet, without fail, five minutes before the bell would signal the end of fourth period, a knot in my stomach would begin to form.” Read more…

Writer’s Pick (Chosen by Blogs staff)
AKABAS | “A Way Too In-Depth Analysis of Corinne’s Nanny Situation on The Bachelor” by Lev Akabas

“Meet Corinne. She is a contestant on Season 21 (yup, that’s not a typo) of The Bachelor, she inherited her family’s million dollar business, she is 24 years old and she has a nanny. A personal, live-in nanny.” Read more…

Best of Life (Chosen by Blogs Staff)
TRAVELIN’ WITH JACQUELINE | “Portland – Part 1: Summer” by Jacqueline Quach

This past August and December, my parents and I traveled to Portland, Oregon, where we ate like kings, dressed to kill and took a myriad of photos like the tourists we were.” Read more…

Best of Politics (Chosen by Blogs Staff)
KYLIE’S ROOM | “Scroll Through This…” by Kyla Brathwaite
brathwaite copy
“How often do you look at your phone for no good reason? Once a day? Three times per day? Too many times to count? For me, at least, the last phrase is the most accurate.” Read more…

Best of Entertainment (Chosen by Blogs Staff)
AKABAS | “A Way Too In-Depth Analysis of Corinne’s Nanny Situation on The Bachelor” by Lev Akabas
Another excerpt: “Corinne, cucumber is a vegetable. Saying ‘She makes my cucumber and vegetable slices’ is like saying ‘Cocoa Krispies and cereal are the most underrated desserts’ or ‘I watch The Bachelor and trashy TV shows.’” Read it again…

Most Creative: We have a tie!
NOBODY’S OPINIONS | “Things Kellyanne Conway Will Say in the Next 4 Years” by Bruno Avritzer
“No, Donald Trump’s pledge of allegiance to Putin does not disqualify him from being President, and the fact that you would even suggest that, Anderson, is just another example of this media bias that we see all the time now.” Read more…

In a dead heat with:

WELCOME TO THE ZOO | “Sanctuary Cities” by Katie Barlow and Rebecca Saber
“Breaking federal law must be the new hipster thing to do. All the hip places are doing it: becoming sanctuary cities. And like, if you’re not a sanctuary campus, are you even a liberal university?” Read more…

Editor’s Pick
ARRAY | “Looking Past the Presidency” by Gabriel Ares
“We’ve all heard stories from our friends and family members about their reactions to Donald Trump’s election. Election Night 2016 has already, in our imaginations, reached the status of a defining cultural event…” Read more…

And that’s it! Thanks for reading Sunbursts – we’re proud of you for making it this far. Tune in for the next edition of Sunbursts for more thrilling categories, more groundbreaking content and more hyperbolic meta-commentary!