May 28, 2017

AKABAS | Podcast with Psychology Professor David Pizarro

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David Pizarro has taught Introduction to Psychology and a number of other seminars since becoming an associate professor in 2012, and his research on moral judgement and emotion has been published in countless places, including an article for The Guardian that he co-wrote last month. He was nice enough to be the guest for my first Cornell Daily Sun podcast, during which he discussed his research, shared his thoughts on robots, and answered ten “Speed Round” questions. Listen to the full podcast and check out the complete list of topics below.

Moral Judgement
1:30 – “The Trolley Problem” and its relation to robots making moral judgements
10:55 – Why humans don’t trust others who make calculating moral decisions
15:00 – A fun variant of “The Trolley Problem”
19:10 – How close are robots to taking over decision-making roles in society?
23:10 – Robots replacing referees in sports
Disgust and Political Orientation
28:15 – The relationship between disgust sensitivity and political orientation
35:00 – Could political orientation be biological?
41:00 – Will we ever be able to treat robots as true moral agents?
46:05 – Ex Machina
49:00 – What is your movie of all-time?
49:40 – What is your review of Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN.?
51:00 – Who is your favorite rapper of all time?
53:24 – What is your favorite psychology study?
56:02 – What crime would you commit if you knew you could get away with it?
1:02:46 – Is being a professor is harder than he anticipated?
1:05:57 – A recent embarrassing moment
1:07:03 – Why the Spotlight Effect is overrated