For those who still haven’t quite mentally prepared themselves for adulthood yet (read: me), this could be quite a jostling thought: where exactly is home now? Prior to coming to Cornell, I was so caught up in the frenzy of excitement and eagerness to explore the newfound limits of college and independence that I never stopped to consider the consequences of the transition: once I moved out, would my definition of “home” change? Sure, home is where my family is, but even my trips to California during breaks are merely “visits” now. Many times I’ve caught myself telling my friends “I’m going home now!” when I’m really about to trek back to North. Have I begun to think of my dingy little dorm, and even Cornell, as my home?

COFFEE THOUGHTS | First Semester Residues

As we embark upon the homestretch of this semester, I often find myself spacing out over my usual Temple of Zeus iced mocha. Weirdly enough, I hadn’t even noticed how frequent my coffee consumption was until a friend from home pointed it out via cross-country Facetime—every time we talked, I seemed to have a convenient cup of coffee within hand’s reach. I don’t even really like coffee, or at least, not the black americano no-sugar-no-creamer type of coffee. I’m more of a Starbucks kind of girl, content with the idea of drinking coffee while really just enamored by the festive red cup and its sweet-tooth-satisfying sugariness. Prior to coming to Cornell, I actually rarely drank coffee.

COFFEE THOUGHTS | When I Look, Eye Brows

Upon a cursory brows—ha, pun intended—everything can seem so easy. That is, until you’ve actually been through the process yourself. The other day, my friend complimented me on my eyebrows and asked me how long it takes for me to fill them in. Two minutes tops, I shrugged—if time were money, time in the morning is 24 karat gold. That’s what I thought, she said, how long could coloring a few hairs take?

COFFEE THOUGHTS | Work Work Work Work Work

Taking a step back, I can’t believe we’re already on week 4. My groggy brain tries to do the countdown of how many weeks left until the end of the semester. Wait a second–week 4? I’m over halfway done with my short course in Python! I shake my head, attempting to shake away the cobwebs.