March 21, 2017

SUNBURSTS | Fourth Edition

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Every two weeks, the writers at Sunspots churn out some of the most diverse, unique content on the web (or at least on the eduroam wifi). Whether you missed them the first time or feel like reading them for the hundredth time, Sunbursts celebrates the highlights of the Daily Sun’s Blogs section in a nicely packaged selection of articles chosen by the editor, website statistics and the writers themselves. Without further ado, we present the fourth edition of Sunbursts:

Most Viewed
SUNSPOTS | “Immediate Reactions to This Year’s Slope Day Artists” by Blogs Department
“If you haven’t read the news yet, this year’s Slope Day headliners will be MisterWives and Big Gigantic, with Brasstracks and S’Natra also performing. Our writers share their immediate reactions to finding out the lineup.”
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Writer’s Pick (Chosen by Sun Staff)
BANDI | “Destination: Montreal” by Monika Bandi
“As fall break rapidly approached last semester, my friends and I were faced with the single greatest recurring struggle of our generation: where to spend those four precious days of freedom. Most of us could simply go home, sure, but where was the fun in that? Montreal promised an international adventure, a foreign language and a discount drinking age of 18. So we loaded our bags into the spacious trunk of my VW Beetle and set off toward the City of Saints.”
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Most Eye-Catching Article Title
KRAVITZ’S KORNER | “Title IX Tyranny” by Evan Kravitz
“On January 25, the U.S. Department of Education initiated its sixth inquiry into alleged mishandling of sexual assault investigations by Cornell University, in accordance with Title IX of the United States Education Amendments of 1972. While seemingly well-intentioned, the Department of Education’s aggressive application of Title IX is a disquieting assault on the United States Constitution and individual rights.”
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Article That Made You Lean Back and Say, “Huh.” (But in a Good Way)
SUNSPOTS’ IN ANOTHER TONGUE | “Der Heidnische Christus” by Blogs Department
“By virtue of the quality of the education we as Cornellians receive, our university is a profoundly international community, attracting students and faculty from around the globe. Step outside Olin Library, or keep your ears pealed in a dining hall, and you are guaranteed to hear good-natured chatter between friends and family in a language totally unfamiliar to you. Our current political climate might suggest that this is a weakness, but it is the total opposite. In our academic city on a hill, though English is the language of instruction and a requirement for admission, knowledge of another language, and the lived wisdom which comes with that knowledge, are a source of joy and admiration.”
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Most Aesthetically Pleasing Thumbnail
SHI REVIEWED | “The Three Body Problem (Part I)” by Andrew Shi
“I am not a sci-fi person, but I started reading The Three Body Problem due to several timely developments. Over winter break, I visited my friend in China and learned that this is the “Hunger Games” equivalent of what’s trending in China. This semester, I decided to take Astronomy to fulfill a distribution requirement. Two weeks ago, NASA announced the discovery of seven earth-sized exoplanets around a nearby star. I couldn’t have picked a better moment to read and review this book.”
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Best of Life
BANDI | “Destination: Montreal” by Monika Bandi
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Best of Politics
OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM | “Tales of Democracy” by Hunter Moskowitz
“We tell tales of democracy: tales of a system in which all receive equal voice. Representation exists on all levels and if you speak, your voice will be heard. Yet, in many ways, when taking a closer look, these tales become myths.”
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Best Answer in Slope Day Reactions Collaboration Article
Sasha Chanko ’19
“Slope Day Programming Board presents:
* A Spinoff Of The Hit TLC Show, Sister Wives
* Our Name Is Definitely Compensating For Our Lack Of Musical Talent”
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Editor’s Pick
THE E’ER INSCRUTABLE | “Tyr’s Wager, Part II” by Griffin Smith-Nichols
Die Verwundeten
“It is the boldest wager, and a sometimes prospect-less gamble to preach Orthodoxy. “The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice,” as G.K. Chesterton once put the matter. What was at stake in 1944, at the waning of Nazi German hegemony in Europe, was the soul of a civilization. This is still at stake today.”
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And that’s it! Thanks for reading Sunbursts – we’re proud of you for making it this far. Tune in for the next edition of Sunbursts for more thrilling categories, more groundbreaking content and more hyperbolic meta-commentary!