EAT SLEEP REPEAT | The Best Places On Campus to Fuel Your Ice Addiction

Confession time: I am that annoying girl in your math lecture that obnoxiously munches on ice the entire time. But honestly, how could I not? I have math in Klarman G01, and right outside the door is the ice machine at Zeus cafe. Not only can I fill my bottle with unlimited ice, but it’s also objectively the BEST kind of ice — those little pellets with the grooves in them so that when you eat them it feels like you’re eating popcorn. Ok so, yes, I kind-of sort-of maybe have a problem with ice munching.

EAT SLEEP REPEAT | “It’s Called Self Care” — Why the Mantra Is Ruining My Life

In the past week I have napped an average of two hours per day, impulsively bought three sweaters that I cannot afford, practically inhaled Twizzlers and an entire sleeve of Oreos, and watched five of the raunchiest past episodes of The Bachelor, all while telling myself, “It’s called self care.”

Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and looking back I think my actions were probably the complete opposite of self care. In the moment, however, I was so encapsulated in my stress from prelim season that I allowed myself to do practically anything just because I have this extremely vague mantra to “affirm” my desires. And it doesn’t seem like I am alone in my quest for an excuse to treat myself. It seems as though social media’s mainstream idea of self care just feeds into a cycle of bad habits, and undermines the necessity of actually taking care of ourselves and our bodies, straying away from what the term was actually meant to accomplish. The term “self-care” originated as a medical concept, as a way for doctors to tell patients to treat themselves and lead healthy lifestyles.

Eat Sleep Repeat | Confessions of a Serial Napper

Confessions of a Serial Napper

It’s the end, beginning, or maybe smack dab in the middle of a very long day. You’re trying to do your work, but your eyes feel heavy and you begin to droop. Everything feels impossible, and you can’t even remember how to do something as basic as two plus two on your homework. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see it- the answer to all of your problems: Your bed. Sorry, I don’t mean to generalize, a nap can take place literally anywhere.