Existential Crisis Week | The Checklist

Coming into freshman year, I came to know a typical Ivy profile, a profile molded from a strict checklist and meticulously groomed to satisfy all its criteria ever since childhood. I began to notice consistent commonalities among a seemingly diverse community of academics. These commonalities read like a resume of the sophisticated, well-rounded type-A Ivy bound kid. Note, I didn’t even have a resume in high school. In addition to the stellar GPA and top-performing test scores, under curricular achievement there’s the leadership category with “President” or “Founder” alongside a plethora of other club activities and probably some sort of national honor recognition.

Nostalgia Week | The Indispensability of Experience

Strangers come to know me as, “that girl who brings disposable cameras to parties,” a tagline I’ll accept. Though tokens of a past seemingly devoid of technology, these unmistakable plastic machines have become pretty fundamental to my college experience. It’s tough pinpointing exactly why we like the things we like, but what we can be certain of is that we mostly remember how things make us feel. It isn’t just the element of antiquity adding sentimental value. For me, it’s both scarcity and tangibility that together create experiences out of a light-induced chemical reaction.