October 20, 2016

Suit Du Jour | Believe It Or Not

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You are what you wear.

The clothes that you choose to wear everyday reflect who you are, where you have been and where you are going. The clothes that you wear reflect your current emotional state, level of intelligence, maturity and passion for life. While many could argue that dressing up is not for everyone and one’s passion for life is not necessarily measured in clothes, it is to some degree. Fashion is a silent means of communication that can reveal subtle yet significant aspects of a person’s identity and life aspirations (or lack thereof).

When I analyze people’s fashion choices, I notice the details: the unexpected visual elements of the outfit that give away a part of a person’s history. Something as little as a pin suggests that this person has an attitude. It signals that this person identifies with some idea or experience bigger than themselves to represent it in a visual clue on a jacket lapel. Personality wise, something as little as a pin suggests that this individual is quirky, attentive to detail and sensible. I am always fascinated by those who wear pins because they are confidently expressing themselves and actively bringing intangible concepts to life. Something as small as a pin relays a sense of passion.

Effective communication is about sending messages that are critical yet mindful of the realities that exist. Effective fashion is about making statements that are at once progressive yet safe.  Something like a small “fuck it” pin is progressive because it communicates an edge and safe because it does not explicitly offend anyone. This “fuck it” pin reminds oneself and others who are looking to take risks and care less. The future is unpredictable as it is — but a pin like this reminds us of what is happening now and how to approach the unexpected.

Dressing up is more than just a physical endeavor. Even the smallest details of an outfit we wear can protect us and inspire us to be ourselves in the present. Going forward, how will you use fashion to remind yourself of your own beliefs? How will you use it to share your story?

You never know who is looking and who will be moved by that little pin of yours.