February 28, 2017

SUNBURSTS | Second Edition

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Every two weeks, the writers at Sunspots churn out some of the most diverse, unique content on the web (or at least on the eduroam wifi). Whether you missed them the first time or feel like reading them for the hundredth time, Sunbursts celebrates the highlights of the Daily Sun’s Blogs section in a nicely packaged selection of articles chosen by the editor, website statistics and the writers themselves. Disclaimer: due to extenuating circumstances, this edition of Sunbursts covers the two-week publishing cycle directly preceding February break – articles published within the past week will go in the next edition.

Most Viewed
BANDI | “Storied Walls” by Monika Bandi
“‘Are you allergic to any medication?’ the nurse asks. I shake my head no. ‘Well then let’s get started.’ She pulls her little cart into the room and closes the door behind her.
That’s when I notice the map.”
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Writer’s Pick (Chosen by Sun Staff)
KYLIE’S ROOM | “How to Be a Detective, as a Chicken” by Kyla Brathwaite
“I’ve always been a bit of a chicken. I’m easily startled and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m afraid of the dark. The amount of things that I’m afraid of is endless. I’ve always been so afraid of heights that even when going up an escalator, I refuse to look down, or I shut my eyes. But despite my fear for heights, and despite my being afraid of the dark, I have always been interested in crime.”
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Best of Life (Chosen by Sun Staff): It’s a tie!
POLITICS & STUFF | “A Food Review of Hai Hong” by Amanda Xu
“The Sun hired me as a politics writer but my blog is called “Politics & Stuff” so I’m technically allowed to write about the “Stuff” part! Here’s a food review of Hai Hong!!”
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ARRAY | “We Still Need Arts” by Gabriel Ares
“The modern era has led to a crisis in which the American national identity has been called into question…. Traditionally most of the history taught in our primary or secondary schools focuses on a singular narrative…. This narrative predominantly favors a select group of people: wealthy, literate landowners. But today, it is becoming hard to ignore the many other groups that make up America’s past and present.”
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Best of Politics (Chosen by Sun Staff)
ON MY MIND | “No Wall, No Ban on Stolen Land: A Statement on Why We Protest” by Jeremiah Kim
noban : no wall
“Our current grim reality is not merely a creation of Trump. This has been the trajectory of American power since its inception, and therefore his actions simply continue America’s legacy as a racist, imperialist, patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist, settler-colonialist project. There is no mythologized past of American greatness because America was never great; we resist Trump as fervently as we resist what the American state has inflicted on its oppressed peoples since it established itself as a power.”
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Best of Entertainment (Chosen by Sun Staff)
SUNSPOTS | What Are You Most Looking Forward to About the Superbowl?
Olivia Lutwack: “I’m looking forward to the food. Every year for the Super Bowl, my dad throws a party for which he cooks massive amounts of food. It’s like Thanksgiving, only a million times better (no gross Thanksgiving foods you’re forced to eat out of obligation, no questions about your GPA, no family fights).”
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Most Eye-Catching Article Title (Chosen by Sun Staff)
KYLIE’S ROOM | “How to Be a Detective, as a Chicken” by Kyla Brathwaite
Dang, what an eye-catching title. Almost makes you want to read more…again.

Most Aesthetically Pleasing Thumbnail (Chosen by Sun Staff)
AKABAS | “John Wick Club Scene vs. Kingsman Church Scene: Which Is the Better Killing Spree?” by Lev Akabas
fight scene diaganol sans text
“Every time I take a shower, I think about one of three questions:
1. If it weren’t for the Middle Ages, where nobody did s*** for 900 years, just how advanced would human civilization be right now?
2. Does Anderson Varejao or Robin Lopez look more like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons?
3. Is the club scene from John Wick or the church scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service the better killing spree?”
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Editor’s Pick
WHITE KNUCKLES | “The Young Pope, Liquid Modernity and Indignation” by Emma Ianni
“This year, Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino impacted my break and my liberal college student intersectional-feminist-relativistic-somewhat nihilistic philosophy more deeply than I like to admit. His miniseries The Young Pope had me glued to the television in my colorful (green and red-walled) living room in Italy, caught up in a story that I never saw coming.”
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And that’s it! Thanks for reading Sunbursts – we’re proud of you for making it this far. Tune in for the next edition of Sunbursts for more thrilling categories, more groundbreaking content and more hyperbolic meta-commentary!