October 5, 2015

MANGA MONDAYS | All Aboard the Hype Train: Fall 2015

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Prelims are here, but so is the fall anime season! For a while I was wondering if I should actually post this during prelim season because I might distract some of my fellow nerds from studying. However, I felt like the only logical thing to do was to discuss first episodes that are already starting to drop.

I also quickly realized that there’s probably not much risk of distracting too many people with this season. The main thing I see is sequels to other shows – which is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been waiting for Noragami Aragoto since the second that season one ended way back during Winter 2014. Having read the manga for this, I’m hyped, and I suggest everyone else get hyped too, preferably by listening to the amazing opening from season one.

We’re also getting more Seraph of the End, Yuru Yuri, and Haikyuu. And it’s only as I write that list that I realize that every single one of those will probably have homoerotic undertones. Of these three, I’m particularly looking forward to Seraph of the End for a few reasons. One: I haven’t read the manga so it can’t disappoint me. Two: The possibility of another Hiroyuki Sawano opening (if you don’t know that name, check these songs out: aLIEz, X.U. ). Three: I haven’t seen any of the other two. So it’s not like I’m biased or anything.

Oh, did I mention that there’s more Monogatari this season? Because that’s a thing. Though I suppose that anyone who would want to know already knew. I really ought to start that series, but it’s got the same sort of effect that the Fate series has on people. Namely, it has so many parts that it can be difficult to decide where to start and what order to watch it in without a little bit of research (if you have an advised order, contact me posthaste).

Photo Courtesy of Shueisha Publishing Company

Photo Courtesy of Shueisha Publishing Company

Putting all that aside for a moment though, I want to mention the show that’s gotten the most discussion in the various online communities I frequent: Madhouse’s adaptation of One Punch Man. I can’t honestly say that I know much about it, but my finely tuned otaku senses are telling me two things –  satire and memes. I don’t just mean like a few memes either. I’m talking Seitokai Yakuindomo magnitude meme generation. The kind of thing that takes over /r/animenocontext until the mods straight up ban it.

In the end, I don’t think that this season is going to stack up to Summer 2015. Actually, I don’t think many seasons stack up to Summer 2015, so the main thing I want to say as we all board the next hype train is this: When a season like that comes around, treasure it. Savor the quality of those shows (and all the tears that Charlotte probably dragged out of you), because you don’t get that very often. On the flip side, even when a season doesn’t look that great, don’t write it off completely – there are usually a few gems waiting to be found.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an entire season to catch up on before some heartless troll spoils Charlotte for me.