September 16, 2016

THE WORLD AROUND YU | An Experiment in Poetry

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Toward the end of last semester, and leading into the summer, I began to dabble in the hobby of poetry writing. The works I produced, while some of them are so atrocious that they will never see the light of publishing, were often very cathartic to write. I’ve found that poetry is a form of relaxation and internal note-taking. With it, I can spew out my conscience, feelings, thoughts and queries. I can then bend these rudimentary words in interesting ways: playing with sentence structures, grammar or even language itself, until I have made something that captures the essence of the subject matter at hand.

The article you are about to read is an experiment in poetry and artistic typesetting. I’ve taken four original poems and typeset them in such a way, with accompanying backgrounds and fonts, to convey a sort of interpretive experience.