October 31, 2019

BOO! How to Survive⁠—and Thrive⁠—During Scorpio Season

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Happy Halloween and Happy Spooky SZN! It’s no coincidence that Halloween (and every U.S. presidential election) falls when the sun is in Scorpio, the most mysterious, scary, and downright frightening of all 12 Zodiac signs. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the darkest elements of the underworld and all things supernatural. This sign is also ruled by Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and desire — as well as, of course, the seductive and secretive Scorpion. 

Indeed, many Scorpios have a protective layer at the surface and it may take a lot of time and trust for them to show any vulnerability at all. However, when they do open their hearts, expect an emotional intensity deeper than anything you’ve ever felt before. Scorpios also have unparalleled research and sleuthing skills, which notoriously may be used to get revenge but can also be utilized in challenging lines of work such as law, private investigation, or criminal psychology. This water sign is always courageous when exploring the murky rivers of life and can help others swim through the darker and unexamined places they fear. 

Many Scorpios are psychics and intuitive healers who help us find deeper meaning and strengthen our connectedness to ourselves and the universe around us. With their unmatched clairvoyance, they are often trendsetters with large followings, shedding light on fascinating concepts before they’re mainstream.

While they may be closed off at times, Scorpios are extraordinarily sensitive and often far more #intheirfeelings than they let on. They may be hesitant to open up because they fear the scorching passion that arises when they do, knowing full well that it’s a lot for themselves — and others — to handle.

Scorpio Energy might be scary, but fear not: it also brings a drive and readiness to dive deep, get to the bottom of things, and undergo our most powerful transformations. During this time, the veil between our regular world and the spirit world is thinned. Don’t be alarmed at the spookiness and intensity of it all — channel and embrace the occult. Tap into your clairvoyant powers. Solve mysteries from your past and uncover any unknown darkness of your present so you can either extinguish it or move on forever. Explore new depths of sex, love, and intimacy. Challenge yourself to connect with more and more of the souls you encounter — to wholeheartedly accept, love, and nurture those you do let in, perhaps in a more meaningful way than you ever thought possible. Trust that you, too, are brave, magnetic, and powerful, and oh-so-worthy of the love you may fear but so deeply value and deserve.