An Interview with FSAD Alum Malia Mills ’90: On Inclusivity, Innovation and Empowerment in Women’s Swimwear

Malia Mills swimwear, which celebrates body inclusivity and empowerment with its attention to fit, comfort and high-fashion aesthetic, pioneered an untapped market and galvanized industry attention, and has since expanded to cover-ups, draped dresses and rompers, blouses and trousers, in addition to swimwear. Within just a few years, Malia Mills swimwear was available through wholesale distribution at over 125 specialty stores across the globe, from Barneys New York and Neiman Marcus to Aman Resorts.

WITH LOVE & SQUALOR | Zac Posen Shutters His Business: What Does This Mean For The Fashion And Retail Industry?

We all remember the moment at the 2016 Met Gala when the lights dimmed, red carpet chatter silenced into hushed gasps, and heads turned to see Claire Danes step out in a ball gown that shined brighter than the explosion of camera flashes that quickly ensued. The whimsical piece constructed out of sheer organza and fiber optics was the fashion moment of the year — the LED gown fused other-wordly glamour with contemporary polish, a timeless silhouette with cutting-edge technology, and could only have been a creation of the legendary Zac Posen. I was immediately infatuated with his ceaseless passion for experimentation and

innovation — each custom gown jaw-dropping in a new way — paired with his unwavering vision as an artist, each piece unmistakably his. Zac Posen became my idol that night. I saw everything I aspired to be in him — not only his early entrepreneurial spirit or his comedic persona as a Project Runway judge, but also, above all else, his devotion to cultivating his own artistic vision in an industry saturated with redundancy. So, last Friday, November 1st, Zac Posen shook the fashion industry when he announced that he was closing the shutters of his eponymous label.

GRACE’S GROVE | Korean Beauty Products Review – Makeup Edition

Korean cosmetics have been gaining popularity in recent years, and many of the products that used to be sold exclusively in Korea have started to become more accessible here in the US. From 20-step skincare routines to Chateau Labiotte lip tints, there’s definitely a lot going on with Korean beauty that everyone can experiment with. Here I’ve compiled a list of the five most commonly used products that I own (bought at Incheon Airport over summer.)

1. Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar: Eyeshadow Palette ($17)

I had my eye on this one for a while before I had the opportunity to buy it, but now it’s on Amazon (I think for cheaper than when I got it directly in Korea!). First of all, most of you probably can’t read the names of the colors, but they are pretty darn strange (ex: Kissing Me Kissing Grammy).

SUIT DU JOUR | The Fanny Pack is Back

Fanny packs are making a comeback. When most people think of fanny packs, they think of tourists scrambling about unknown streets of some foreign city or hikers trekking along in the woods. Or in the case of Cornell University, you probably think of your friends making rounds along the slope on Slope Day. The name of this accessory — fanny packs —  does not accurately suit the typical use or function of accessory itself. In the 1980s, fanny packs were introduced into US fashion and traditionally worn from behind, above one’s buttocks.

Suit Du Jour | Believe It Or Not

You are what you wear. The clothes that you choose to wear everyday reflect who you are, where you have been and where you are going. The clothes that you wear reflect your current emotional state, level of intelligence, maturity and passion for life. While many could argue that dressing up is not for everyone and one’s passion for life is not necessarily measured in clothes, it is to some degree. Fashion is a silent means of communication that can reveal subtle yet significant aspects of a person’s identity and life aspirations (or lack thereof).

SUIT DU JOUR | Behind the Seams

Do you know what happens behind the seams? Think about the very T-shirt you are wearing, the socks that keep your feet warm, even the backpack that you just shrugged off your shoulder. Do you know where these products were made, who made them and how it is possible for them to be in your hands at this very moment? Unfortunately, fashion (like other industries), is a dirty business because the answers to certain questions we ought to know are inexplicit. In fact, the answers we ought to know are often ignored because consumerism gets the best of us.


Welcome to mi casa, — suit du jour —the place where fashion governs everything. While I am half-kidding, I am also half-not. I love fashion and believe it can change you. It can transform your mind, even your soul, if you let it. Are you willing to find your, suit du jour, the one subject that rocks your world daily?

TALK IS CHIC | Fashion Forward or Fashion Backward

Cuddling in Eleni’s queen sized bed recounting a fun evening, we began discussing our lack of photo documentation this year.  By the time you reach senior year, is taking a #selfie in your novel mixer costume lame/sad/pathetic/overdone? Or were we having too much fun dancing and twirling? Either way, we’re getting nostalgic and sappy as our time at Cornell comes to an end:

GO:  Won’t we want to look back at pictures of us in our Brandy Melville crop tops and LF chokers, which are likely to be painfully outdated? ET: Or the body contouring, mini dresses that may only be acceptable and flattering in this realm of our lives?

TALK IS CHIC | Talk(ing to Yourself) is Chic

Should I buy these light-pink fringed stilettos? They’re sooooo pretty. Realistically though, how many times will I wear them? Should I get them in a more neutral color? Remember your already-failed resolution of only spending money on experiences?