INOCCIDUOUS THOUGHTS | 35 Things I’ve Noticed About Food on West Campus

Before people get mad, let me just say that I’m extremely grateful to have access to Cornell’s diverse dining options. Some of my friends back home only have one dining hall, so we are lucky to have six on West Campus, alone. Also, I have worked with Cornell Dining before, and the passion, labor, and patience put into running a dining hall is absolutely incredible, so we should all be appreciative of what we have! That said, I just wanted an outlet to express my opinion on Cornell’s food (specifically West Campus in this article). This is not to offend Cornell Dining in any way!


I didn’t expect to be so excited about living on West Campus this year, but boy, am I enjoying its perks! This past Saturday, August 27, two charter bus-fulls of us West Campus students went to Niagara Falls for a ridiculously low price of $15 each(price of transportation, boat tickets and breakfast included). Now, I don’t know how much all of this would usually cost, but here are the ticket prices:

Yes, people, the boat tickets alone were worth $18.25 per adult…which means this trip isn’t going to be that affordable for most of you unless you have your own car or live on West Campus next year and sign up for this steal. And yes, that brochure is sticking out from the back pocket of a stranger’s pair of jeans under a poncho. Hehe.