An Apple a Day | Red Light for Blue Light: How Technology May Contribute to Your Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation: it is a problem that students across the nation complain about almost daily. Personally, I can’t get through a conversation with someone without the words “I’m so tired” coming up, not to mention the slew of other complaints of work and extracurriculars contributing to the issue. It seems to all of us students that sleep deprivation is almost a way of life; we are lucky to be getting even moderate amounts of sleep daily. While many are quick to blame their course load, extracurriculars or social life for the epidemic, the issue may just lie in our hands—literally. According to many researchers, smartphones are to blame for many issues related to low sleep quality and lack of sleep.

CULTURALLY SHOOK | We Don’t Sleep Anymore

I want to dissociate. Split myself into two bodies, break myself apart into two corporal entities. It would be a twisted ode to nuclear fission, except instead of dividing the nucleus of an atom I would just be dividing myself. Just imagine! I could exist in two places at once, think two thoughts at once, do two things at once.