SUNSPOTS | What Would You Add to the “161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do” List?

The Cornell Daily Sun’s well-known list of “161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do” is very comprehensive and covers most of the essential Big Red experiences, but not all of them. So we asked our writers and our readers to think of some things that they would add to the list. Here’s what we came up with:

Lev Akabas ‘19:
– Drop a class right before the first prelim because you don’t feel like studying for it
– Attempt to take two pieces of fruit from a dining hall without getting caught
– Spend three hours at the Cornell Store poster sale trying to decide whether to get a Dark Knight Rises poster or a Terminator 2 poster, get neither because you’re too cheap
– Go to Spring Rush Week – maybe there isn’t a “fraternity for everyone,” but you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that there’s one for you, and free food is certainly for everyone
– Watch a sunset from Libe Slope and gradually come to terms with the fact that your phone will never come close to capturing its beauty

Gabe Ares ‘19:
– Look outside, open application to transfer
– Hand the Police your fake ID
– Set 6 alarms, sleep through all of them, wake your roommate up each time
– Have an existential crisis in Olin Library
– Have an existential crisis in Uris Library
– Have an existential crisis in Mann Library

Monika Bandi ‘19:
– Watch an eclipse on campus
– Get EMS-ed
– Visit other schools and envy their flat terrain
– Stay up all night talking with your freshman year floormates
– Come back to campus for Fourth of July to watch the fireworks from the slope

Jacqueline Quach ‘19:
– Submit a love poem–poorly written or not–to one of the many literary magazines on campus
– Get lost in Clara Dickson Hall (the biggest dorm in the Ivy League)
– Eat a steak at North Star/Appel on a Thursday night (check the menu!)
– Order something from the secret menu at Louie’s Lunch

April Ye ‘21:
– Pretend to do work at Temple of Zeus while pondering how soon is too soon to get your next cup of coffee
– Plan to party it up on Friday night, highlight of the night becomes post-C-Town deep life talks and applying face masks

Charlie Liao ‘18:
– Attend a BreakFree Hip Hop Dance show (the only sold out dance team at Bailey Hall!)
– Do stadium runs at the football stadium and throw up from exhaustion
– Go to a career fair and collect free things instead of network

Tony Li ‘19: Get +1000 likes on a “Make Cornell Meme Again” post

Yvette Lisa Ndlovu ‘19: Do the co-op crawl on Halloween – it’s like a bar crawl but for co-ops! You get to go to all the co-ops and they leave alcohol out for grabs

Grace Chen ‘21: Relax at the Liberty Hyde Bailey Loop pond! – for those of you who don’t know, there’s a small pond/waterfall a little bit off of Tower Rd.