Being Bold Despite the Cold: How to Stay Active on Campus This Winter

Check-in time! It’s about halfway through the semester at this point, and everyone’s favorite time of year: flu, prelim, and snow season. With daylight savings now behind us and the sun setting as early as 5:00 p.m. each day, the lack of Vitamin D can really get to a person. So make sure to keep yourself busy and not fall into that Ithaca-winter funk! The cold weather can definitely be a deterrent for getting up and out of the library or dorm in the morning, but just because the temperature dropped doesn’t mean that activity on campus did too.

MUKHERJEE | Where’d the Winter Go?

Gloomy gray skies, thick blankets of white snow and slippery roads — this description of Ithaca winters was reiterated to me multiple times before I stepped on the plane headed to Cornell. In fact, the entire winter break, I spent half my time getting mentally prepared to come back to a cold land where my best friends would be a coat, gloves and cap. So you can imagine my surprise when I came back to Ithaca and saw green grass, clear blue skies and a temperature close to the fifties. However, I’m not complaining! I come from a tropical country and one of the few things I was dreading about going here was the harsh winter that I would have to face here.