AKABAS | Which Movies’ Plots Change Drastically if We Change One Letter of the Title?


Forrest Gump → Forrest Dump
Synopsis: In this two-minute live-action short, a young boy on a hike in the Adirondacks walks 50 feet away from the trail, poops, walks back to the trail, and continues his hike. Critical Response: One critic calls the short a “hauntingly realistic slice of life” and many are even moved to tears, while a minority of writers call it “hogwash” and “utterly pretentious.”
Difference-O-Meter: Forrest Dump is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT film.  

Tomb Raider → Womb Raider
Synopsis: An anti-abortion propaganda film. Critical Response: The film induces one of the most inappropriate strings of Trump tweets to date and is so divisive that it actually hurts the Republican Party at the 2018 midterm elections. Difference-O-Meter: Womb Raider is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT film.