INTERLUDE | In the New Age of Instagram Poetry

Over 146,000 people—myself included—find Instagram user @yrsadaleyward absolutely beautiful. She’s got impeccable taste in fashion, gorgeous hair, and an uncanny talent for combining messy colors to create the perfect aesthetic. Yet, unlike the many other powerhouse Instagram accounts that claim these same attributes, Yrsa Daley-Ward’s followers aren’t just there for the visuals. In fact, we’re much more interested in what she has to say and the movement she represents. Yrsa Daley-Ward belongs to a growing generation of young poets emerging on Instagram today.

SUNSPOTS’ IN ANOTHER TONGUE | Der Heidnische Christus

By virtue of the quality of the education we as Cornellians receive, our university is a profoundly international community, attracting students and faculty from around the globe. Step outside Olin Library, or keep your ears pealed in a dining hall, and you are guaranteed to hear good-natured chatter between friends and family in a language totally unfamiliar to you. Our current political climate might suggest that this is a weakness, but it is the total opposite. In our academic city on a hill, though English is the language of instruction and a requirement for admission, knowledge of another language, and the lived wisdom which comes with that knowledge, are a source of joy and admiration. To celebrate the depth, vivacity, and color of Cornell itself, we at Sunspots have undertaken to offer an outlet for those wishing to publish in languages other than English.

THE WORLD AROUND YU | An Experiment in Poetry

Toward the end of last semester, and leading into the summer, I began to dabble in the hobby of poetry writing. The works I produced, while some of them are so atrocious that they will never see the light of publishing, were often very cathartic to write. I’ve found that poetry is a form of relaxation and internal note-taking. With it, I can spew out my conscience, feelings, thoughts and queries. I can then bend these rudimentary words in interesting ways: playing with sentence structures, grammar or even language itself, until I have made something that captures the essence of the subject matter at hand.