TRAVELIN’ WITH JACQUELINE | Say Hello to My Little Friend (Confessions of a Pin Collector)

I’m not sure when I got my first pin, but the earliest documented proof I could find of me wearing a pin is from May 14, 2000. In the picture, my parents are conducting a mini-photoshoot at home with my older sister and two-year-old self, and you can see a tiny pair of red sunglasses pinned to the top of my pink cardigan:

To this day, I still have and frequently wear that red sunglasses pin, but it’s fair to say that my pin collection has since expanded. While most people probably have a couple of pins lying around—be they from Greek life, student clubs or travels—my pin count is currently 62, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Although I’ve seen a few other pinheads around campus, the majority of Cornellians have yet to appreciate pins for what they are. So, in honor of my hobby, I am dedicating this article to (the merits of) pin collecting!

Suit Du Jour | Believe It Or Not

You are what you wear. The clothes that you choose to wear everyday reflect who you are, where you have been and where you are going. The clothes that you wear reflect your current emotional state, level of intelligence, maturity and passion for life. While many could argue that dressing up is not for everyone and one’s passion for life is not necessarily measured in clothes, it is to some degree. Fashion is a silent means of communication that can reveal subtle yet significant aspects of a person’s identity and life aspirations (or lack thereof).