The Elephant in the Room | How to Survive On A Budget While Studying Abroad or Off-Campus

A lot of students choose the spring semester to study abroad or take advantage of off-campus opportunities such as Cornell in Washington. As an international student, I’ve essentially been “studying abroad” since freshman year but this spring I decided to take a break from the Ithaca cold while also getting work experience and Cornell credits by participating in the Cornell in Washington Program. While an off-campus experience is enriching and is for many the best semester of your four years at Cornell, it can take a toil on the pocket.  Living a week in DC and also sharing tips with my friends that are studying abroad this semester, here are some of the ways I’ve managed to save while making the most of my time away from Ithaca. Cook More

Buying groceries, cooking and eating out once in a while helps to reduce the amount spent on food monthly.

AKABAS | Top 10 Movie Soundtracks to Listen to While Studying for Prelims

Like every other college, Cornell has tests. But, unlike every other college, we don’t call these tests “tests” — we call them “prelims.” Why, you may ask? Well, why is equestrian an Olympic sport? Some things we’ll just never know the answers to. Anyway, you will likely want to listen to music while you study for these prelims, and since I find music with lyrics distracting while I’m trying to read and memorize notes, movie scores are the way to go.