Grace’s Grove | A New Card Game: Fish

A new card game has been going around lately, invented by our very own Cornellian, Kevin Zhang 21’. The game Fish is a mix between Go Fish and Kemps, except it is much more difficult. My friend group and I have been obsessed with this game this past month, and gladly sacrifice way too much of our studying time to play Fish. This game requires top-notch memorization and observation skills, and is great for building teamwork: my friends and I have definitely developed psychic mind-reading powers from playing so much. A basic rundown of how to play:

There are six players total. Every other player is on the same team (three people on each team.)
There are two half-suits for each shape (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) consisting of the numbers 2-7 and 9-A, for a total of eight half-suits.