ITHACA A-LIVE | ChantiLoft

Olivia was unable to stay for the entire night so Ailis will be writing this solo. Ithaca Underground organized yet another fun night of music in the Chanticleer loft space on February 29, a Monday night, featuring Winston Bongo of Ithaca, Shore Acres Drive of Ithaca, Stove of Connecticut and Pottymouth of Northampton, Mass. First up for a very short set was Winston Bongo. Their spacey, electro-dance music was performed as a mostly improvisational jam session. The musicians worked well together, all crowding over a table filled with different instruments: synths, tambourines, maracas, beat generators, etc.

ITHACA A-LIVE | Cayuga’s Lodge X3

On March 5th, this past Saturday, Cayuga Lodge at 630 Stewart Avenue hosted yet another gig. The night featured Modern Hut of Ithaca, Marian McLaughlin – 3 piece experimental folk band of Baltimore, DC and Buffalo origins, and Cornell University’s own  _____. A co-founder of Don Giovanni Records in New Brunswick, NJ, Modern Hut singer and songwriter Joe Steinhardt graced us with his presence yet again at Cayuga Lodge. He opened the night with his unique brand of melancholy humour. Despite the disappointing early evening turnout, he was up to his usual shenanigans: drinking and singing, whining and joking with a cool, removed voice.