FOOD WEEK | On James Harden, and Why Cereal Isn’t a Breakfast Food

In late September 2016, Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni announced that his star player, James Harden, would be switching positions to play point guard. This seemed like a peculiar decision at first. Harden had played shooting guard his entire career up to that point, and was just coming off a season in which he did an awful lot of shooting, averaging 29 points and finishing third in the league in usage rate. Running an entire offense and getting teammates involved is a difficult thing to just pick up on the fly. But Harden did it.

FOOD WEEK | 5 Foods to Maintain Healthy Skin

As the weather gets colder and the wind shows its wrath more and more, it becomes really difficult to walk around campus every day. It can also be especially cumbersome during these chilly times to keep our skin smooth and soft. During the fall and winter months, our skin becomes really rough (unless we are blessed with some really tough skin). In honor of Food Week, here are five foods that can help you maintain that glowing, smooth, acne-free face during any season! 1.

FOOD WEEK | The Big Red Buck: What is it Good For?

3:00 A.M. is high time for a deflated, depressed-looking bag of Cheetos. My mind steers me like a sleepwalker down a flight of stairs and into the bowels of my dorm. The lounge vending machine flaunts its wares at me as its mechanical humming becomes a soft, seductive crooning. I insert my ID. Nothing happens.

FOOD WEEK | Ithaca’s Secret Menus

While Cornell is known for its superb dining hall food, Ithaca has many of its own culinary gems, one of which is Louie’s Lunch Truck. A favorite among Cornellians, Louie’s is that place you go to when you’ve got those late night or post-partying greasy food cravings. But did you know that Louie’s has a secret menu? Technically, you’re not even supposed to talk about Louie’s Secret Menu, but the fries you see below were simply too good to keep to myself. And while I won’t be telling you how to find the secret menu (which is how I’m making up for even telling y’all about it in the first place), I’ll give you two clues: you can either (1) use your imagination and intuitively guess where or how it’s hidden or (2) try Google.

FOOD WEEK | Understanding How Surroundings Shape Eating Habits

Deciding what, when, and where to eat may seem like a simple task at first. But when our schedule becomes busy with clubs & classes, overwhelmed by personal circumstances, or just unorganized in general, proper and balanced eating habits can often take a backseat. That is why, in preparation for Food Week on Sunspots, I was inspired to apply design thinking towards studying how Cornell students’ eating habits are affected by their surroundings.  

Welcome to the series:
Understanding Surroundings Through Design Thinking
To more effectively present my findings, I condensed interviews with each student into “profiles.” Below are 5 Cornell students who shared their experiences, habits, and thoughts about their diets. ***
At the start, my hypothesis was that because Cornell students are busy, many choose to skip meals or find whatever is closest to them.

FOOD WEEK | A Closer Look at Mexico’s “Green Gold”

While I will never understand 90% of the logic behind the store layout of Ithaca’s Wegmans (e.g. why the dried noodles must appear in seven separate aisles), I will admit that the Wegmanites got one thing right: the strategic placement of the avocado bags. Their perpetual position in a giant wooden crate by the entrance has permitted me to develop somewhat of an avocado dependency in recent years. When life gets too hectic to prepare actual complete meals, avocados are an easy fallback: they go well with the Holy Trinity of college-kid staples (eggs, easy mac, and bread), and they are green, bestowing any meal with the appearance of health and nutritional balance! My symbiotic relationship with the avocado encountered its first major roadblock a couple of weeks ago when I strolled into Wegmans and saw three horrifying numbers: $5.79 for just four little avocados. Whereas this was old news for most Cornellians, I had spent a semester abroad and hadn’t been tracking the ascent of the cost of my favorite green fruit.

FOOD WEEK | Fall Flavors

I thought of some really simple, fun recipes that everyone should try this fall season! To kick things off, I’ll start with two takes on a seasonal favorite: the pumpkin spice latté. Classic
Prep time: 10 minutes

What you’ll need: Cash, credit, or debit. Put on some clothes, and don’t forget—phone, wallet, keys! Walk down to your nearest Starbucks and order up a Pumpkin Spice Latté.

FOOD WEEK | If Cornell Majors Were Halloween Candies

Engineering = Warheads

For some reason, Mech-E’s and Chem-E’s think they’re at war with every other major at Cornell, and won’t go more than two minutes without reminding you that they’re engineers and that your major is inferior. They treat every project or interview like it’s a life-or-death situation and you think they might explode at any given moment. They’re also incredibly sour about everything, to the point where it’s not even worth asking them how their day went. Also, doesn’t that logo just look like an engineer? Applied Economics and Management = Gummy Worms

People always call AEM majors snakes and this is the closest thing we could think of to snakes.

ITHACA WEEK | Building a Home for All in Ithaca

What would it be like to return to a home that no longer recognized you? Maybe the people you knew have packed up and left, maybe they are no longer on speaking terms, and you no longer feel at ease. Regardless, a place that you thought you could trust, into which you had invested yourself, is somehow giving you the cold shoulder. This is all the more troubling because of how natural it is that, over time, certain parts of what we call a home etch themselves into our lived experiences, until they are grooves worn smooth by the habit of habitation. A lived-in space has fewer surprises around the corner.